• Daisy May

    We love Daisy May!

    What a great quilt for the spring or make it with flannels and enjoy spring flowers throughout the fall and winter. Lovely!

  • Harvest Moon

    Let's have fun with pinwheels and flying geese. This is an easy pieced project.

  • Prism Quilt Kit

    Elegant, unique, and stunning, describes this quilt! This is an eye-catching quilt, not only for the bedroom. Get the quilt kit and make yours today.

  • Clover & Jams Quilt Kit

    This is really sweet quilt! It is made using the pattern and fabric from Fig Tree & Co. The quilt is made using the Honeysweet fabric collection.



Welcome to Golden Threads Boutique!  We have put together some fat quarter bundles in various sizes, please find them under Quilting, Fabric Bundles.  

Please enjoy yourself and have a look around.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.  We love to hear from you.

Happy sewing and warmest regards! Your friends at Golden Threads Boutique. Read more.


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Not only do we have beautiful fabrics and yarns, we also have selected specialty items that fill our boutique.  Read more


We have made these items which can be purchased for someone special to give as a gift or you can keep it for yourself to enjoy.  We are happy to make custom items, let us make a special item for you today, give us a call!  We have handmade wool socks for sale, these make great gifts!  Read more


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